Search For Missing Metallica Fan Gets Help From Band, FBI

It’s been 10 days since Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington disappeared during a Metallica concert at an arena at the University of Virginia. State police are still searching and following up on tips, and the FBI has also gotten involved. Even Metallica have lent a hand: The band posted a news story on their official Web site with Harrington’s description, some photos and contact information for anybody who has a tip about her whereabouts. “We are deeply concerned about the disappearance of 20 year old Virginia Tech student Morgan Dana Harrington, who was last seen while attending our concert at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, VA, on Saturday night,” the site says. According to WTTG, Metallica frontman James Hetfield has contacted Harrington’s parents and has offered to add $50,000 to the $100,000 reward being offered for information the could lead to Morgan’s return.

Morgan’s parents were on “Today” this morning to talk about their daughter’s disappearance, and they both assume that some kind of foul play is involved. “This is every parent’s worst nightmare,” her father said.

A few more details have emerged since Harrington’s parents filed the initial missing persons report, and a narrative has been built around the incident. At some point during the show, Harrington got separated from a group of friends to go to the bathroom. Somehow, she ended up outside the venue and was not let back in (per the re-entry rules of the house). She called her friends to let them know she would find another way home — the last time anyone heard from her. Police found her purse and her cell phone on the ground between the arena and an adjacent athletic field (strangely, the battery for the phone was missing). Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Virginia State Police or the University of Virginia Police, and updated information can be found at