Them Crooked Vultures Debut New Single Via Twitter

For a band made up of three old-school rock and roll veterans, Them Crooked Vultures have chosen a very 2009 way to debut their first single as a band. “New Fang” is the first studio recording unleashed by the supergroup that consists of Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl on drums, Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones and Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme on guitar and vocals, and the trio unleashed it on the universe via Twitter. Though the group has been touring sporadically since last month and plenty of heavy-sounding performance footage has made it to the Web, “New Fang” represents the group’s first entry into an actual recording, and the results are impressive. Buoyed by a loose, insistent drum beat, a crunchy riff and a slightly psychedelic guitar lead, “New Fang” presents Them Crooked Vultures as a classic power trio and often recalls the Eric Clapton projects Cream and Blind Faith.

The turnaround for everything has been pretty quick for Them Crooked Vultures. They only revealed their existence over the summer, played their first shows in early August and quickly recorded an album that will be released on November 17. (We’re especially excited about the track titled “Interlude with Ludes.”) The three haven’t necessarily left their old bands behind, though, as Homme is working on remastering his band’s self-titled 1998 debut as well as a new QOTSA album, while Grohl just released the new single and video from his main band’s upcoming greatest hits album. As for Jones, it seems unlikely that Led Zeppelin will get back together any time soon, but in all honesty, Them Crooked Vultures is a pretty excellent alternative to anybody looking for a bit of heaviness.

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