Rihanna, Adam Lambert, Drake And Miley Cyrus: This Week's Deep Cuts

On the massive timeline that is the universe, five days doesn't seem like an awfully long time, but consider how different the world was on Monday morning: Soupy Sales was alive, Lil Wayne was a free man, people were still wondering what Rihanna's new single would sound like and the content of "Michael Jackson's This Is It" was still relatively mysterious. But now that we're five days older and that much wiser, it's time to take a look back at anything you might have missed in the Newsroom.

» Rihanna unveiled her new single "Russian Roulette," which also came with an edgy album cover that immediately put it in rare company.

» Adam Lambert also had a busy week of debuts, as his the epic video for that same song.

» Drake added "college basketball coach" to his ever-growing list of occupations.

» Whitney Houston performed on TV in the U.K., busted out of her dress and still managed to absolutely kill "Million Dollar Bill."

» Tokio Hotel was all over the MTV News this week, but we had ten years' worth of haircuts and tight pants in the "Evolution of Tokio Hotel" gallery.

» Kanye West isn't dead, though he should really prove he is still alive by going on "The Colbert Report."

» The premiere of "Michael Jackson's This Is It" is only a few days away, but stunning scenes have already surfaced. Seriously, it's going to be incredible. (Though it has a lot of excellent films to live up to.)

» Adam Lambert is going to team up with Lady Gaga, but is that a better collaboration than David Bowie rocking out with Queen?

» Lil Wayne agreed to spend some time in jail, just like he did in the video for "Go DJ" a few years ago.

» We haven't hit Halloween yet, but if you're already looking to get into the Christmas spirit, David Archuleta and Jim Cantiello have got you covered.

» The Apple iPod turned eight years old. Did you celebrate by watching U2's "Vertigo" video?

» Miley Cyrus still isn't tweeting, but she did film scenes for "Sex and the City 2" this week.

» If there's one thing we learned this week, it's that Mariachi El Bronx enjoy after-show tacos.

» 50 Cent broke from the beef to plug his new British movie "Dead Man Running." (And if you haven't seen 50's new music video for "Crime Wave," prepare for madness.)

» Bon Jovi announced a tour for 2010, including the first concert dates at the new stadium in New Jersey. The band needs to take my advice on purchasing naming rights so ESPN anchors can reference "You Give Love a Bad Name Park."

» This week on "Dancing with the Stars," Kelly Osbourne got hurt, everybody hated Aaron Carter and Natalie Coughlin was sent home for wanting to wear more clothing. Come back, Chuck Liddell! All is forgiven.

» And finally, rather than waste your money on "Saw VI" this weekend, feast your eyes on 15 of the scariest videos of all time. If Unkle's "Eye for an Eye" doesn't give you nightmares, you've probably got bigger problems.