Semi-Precious Weapons Scale The Walls In Los Angeles

By A.J. Mayers

I first saw Semi Precious Weapons perform in Austin, Texas, at Rachael Ray's party at the South by Southwest festival. I was instantly captivated by singer Justin Tranter's high heels and skin-tight outfits, which coupled with his personality and energy made him a joy to watch.

Last night I got to catch up with my friends in the band at their show at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. They were opening for the Sounds. The band really got the crowd moving and encouraged everyone to sing and dance along. Their half-hour set left me wanting more, but every single minute was jam-packed with great music and crowd interaction. At one point, guitarist Stevy Pyne pulled some "Spider-Man" moves and climbed up one of the speakers on the stage.

After their set, they hung out with fans in the lobby near the merchandise table (Justin shamelessly shouted "Buy our sh--!"). They are really down-to-earth guys, but they make rock and roll look badass and beautiful.

I had a chance to catch up with the band backstage and they had some really exciting news. (I'll let them reveal it down the line.) They are traveling in their van doing shows across the states, so if you get a chance to catch them, tell them A.J. sent you!