Tokio Hotel Fight A Robot, Don't Have A Sex Tape

We've spent this week exploring every last aspect of Tokio Hotel, the German-born band who have taken over the world with their hook-heavy albums and unique sense of style. Just this week, we've learned that the band has crazy fans, had difficulty putting together Humanoid, they've got famous dogs and frontman Bill Kaulitz wouldn't mind acting next to Robert Pattinson.

The group also has a lot of hidden talents (though "Big Buck Safari" isn't one of them — in the first edition of Multiplayer editor Russ Frushtick's celebrity challenge, the band didn't finish). It turns out they're pretty excellent ping-pong players (they spent some time challenging each other while they were backstage before their visit to Monday's episode of "It's On with Alexa Chung"). And as the video from their sit-down with Buzzworthy shows, they are excellent at fighting off robots (which makes sense, considering their latest album appears to address the inevitable cyborg-infested future).


It's reassuring that the band members don't allow any cameras in their bedrooms, as they're certainly famous enough without it.

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