Lady Gaga Premieres Short Fashion Film

By James Dinh

By now, it's clear that Lady Gaga is one of the most — if not the most — fashion-forward pop star working today. She even has a song called "Fashion" (which she co-wrote with RedOne for Heidi Montag before re-claiming it last year). So the short film that premiered exclusively on Dazed Digital earlier today is no different.

The two-minute film, a collaboration between the singer and fashion filmmaker Kathryn Ferguson, has pop's favorite fashionista striking poses and waving her arms while a dramatic piano composition — one she wrote specifically for this project — plays underneath.

"I believe in a glamorous life," Gaga says as the camera pans to various blue-tinted shots of her face and outfit.

As the short goes on, the music shifts and the cutting between angles becomes more jittery and violent. Gaga's heavily made-up face becomes the centerpiece, and a kaleidoscope effect takes hold. Wearing shoulder pads and sitting in a chair, Gaga stands in front of a backdrop of stars. In a blend of color, light and glitter, the singer caresses her body while dangling what looks like a star pendent until the music fades black.

Gaga is no stranger to bold pieces of eye-catching cinema — after all, she did win three Moonmen at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Director Ferguson certainly taps into Gaga's edgy aesthetic, and hopefully the collaboration will yield more fashion-forward results in the future.