Lil Wayne First Went To Jail For The 'Go DJ' Video

This morning, Lil Wayne appeared in court in New York City to plead guilty to a weapons possession charge stemming from a 2007 arrest following his first-ever headlining concert in Manhattan. As a result, Weezy will be sentenced to a year in jail (though his formal sentencing isn't until February). Though Wayne has had a long history of legal trouble, this is the first time he will serve time in jail.

But it's not his first trip to prison. In 2004, Weezy traveled to the Ohio State Reformatory (a decommissioned prison) to film the video for "Go DJ," a single from his album Tha Carter. The clip depicts Weezy and Birdman as residents of the penitentiary who stage a breakout and generally inspire chaos.


Interestingly, the prison (which was shut down in 1990) was used as the primary location for the film "The Shawshank Redemption" as well as scenes in "Air Force One." The other thing that stands out int he "Go DJ" clip is how much Wayne has changed physically since the release of Tha Carter. He has no visible tattoos and his hair was only just beginning to grow out. (You can check out the evolution of Lil Wayne here.)

In addition to his sentencing in February, Weezy will also have to return to court for a probation hearing. Assuming good behavior, it's unlikely that he'll have to serve the full year (eight to 10 months is a better estimate), so here's hoping he doesn't copy any of the activity from the "Go DJ" video.