Bon Jovi To Open New Giants Stadium, Should Angle For Naming Rights

A few weeks ago, New Jersey's favorite son Bruce Springsteen played a series of shows at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, marking the final concerts that would be hosted at the venue (which is being torn down in favor of a brand new football stadium that will open next year). Now it turns out that New Jersey's other favorite sons (favorite nephews?) will be the first band to play the new stadium next spring. The band announced today that their shows on April 26 and 27 would be the first events hosted by the new park. The two dates will wrap up the group's tour for their new album Circle, which hits stores next month.

Bon Jovi is a great and appropriate choice to open the new stadium, which cost $1.6 billion to construct. Interestingly, the naming rights to the new stadium are still up in the air, and rather than just sell it off to the highest bidder, they should really name it something Jersey-centric. (There's nothing more boring than naming a building after a corporate entity, is there?) And even if they don't want to name the new football venue "Slippery When Wet Stadium" or "Darkness On The Edge Of Town Field," frontman Jon Bon Jovi should really place a bid himself. Who wouldn't want to hop in the car to see the Jets play the Dolphins at "Livin' on a Prayer Park"?

But here's the best option: Bon Jovi and Springsteen should pool some money and make a formal bid for the naming rights. Obviously they'd have to combine two things to represent each party, so perhaps we can look forward to "Born to Runaway Stadium," "Blaze of Glory Days Pavillion" or "Wanted Dead or Alive in the U.S.A. Field." (That last one is a mouthful.) Or maybe they just simplify it and call it "Springsteen Bon Jovi Park." Come on, guys — help us avoid the inevitable "Pepsi Field" or "Verizon Park."