Adam Lambert's 'Time For Miracles' Video: The Oh Snap! Poll

In the wee hours of the morning, Adam Lambert unleashed the music video for "Time for Miracles," his debut single that is on the soundtrack to the forthcoming disaster film "2012." The clip borrows a lot of the destruction imagery from the film and places Lambert in the middle of the chaos. It's a big, bold, cinematic introduction for the "American Idol" runner-up and is an appropriate accompaniment to the classic-sounding power ballad.

MTV News' James Montgomery and Jim Cantiello already weighed in with their opinions (they are both fans of the clip and compare it to the video for Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" (which came from the 1998 summer blockbuster "Armageddon"), except better. But what we really want to know is what the public thinks, which is why we grabbed our parachutes, crashed through the 29th floor window of MTV News and landed in Times Square so we could talk to some fans about "Time for Miracles."


The hopelessly unscientific results are in, and it appears as though most of the public (or at least the people waiting in line to catch John Mayer and Kristin Davis on a new episode of "It's On with Alexa Chung") endorsed Lambert's video. 71 percent of the people polled gave "Time for Miracles" the thumbs up, with many commenting on the greatness of the effects and the overall feel of the presentation. Those opposed were mostly down on the song, as they thought it wasn't a good fit for Lambert (a concern Cantiello shares). But overall, the video is a winner.

What do you think: Is "Time for Miracles" an early candidate for a 2010 VMA, or should Lambert have left the fireballs at home? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or head over to to make your voice heard!