'Michael Jackson's This Is It' Preview: The King Of Pop Rehearses 'Human Nature'

"Michael Jackson's This Is It" opens next week, and the anticipation continues to grow. Ticket sales keep surging and the principals involved are talking all about it. But what will be shown in the film, and how is it constructed? There are more clues emerging in a handful of clips that have surfaced.

One such clip shows various rehearsals of Jackson's 1983 hit "Human Nature." In it, Jackson is shown talking to director Kenny Ortega (who was overseeing the "This Is It" concerts and ended up putting the film together) about the various dance cues he would be dropping into the song. It's fascinating to watch Jackson work, as even though he was supposedly in great pain during those rehearsals, his dance moves are incredibly sharp and his voice is strong. The verses on "Human Nature" are meant to sound sweet and loose, but when he gets to those falsetto croons on the bridge, it becomes truly magical.


"Michael Jackson's This Is It" will probably take the same sort of approach, seamlessly melding together many different performances into one seamless whole. Also inspiring? The clip above lets Jackson do the talking and allows the footage to act as its own narrative.

It's incredible to watch Jackson do even the simplest moves. When he hits the line, "If this town is just an apple/ Then let me take a bite," he mimes ripping into a piece of fruit. It's an obvious move, sure, but it is still fascinating and sort of chilling. "Michael Jackson's This Is It" will clearly be a huge sales juggernaut, but it also appears as though it will be a fitting epitaph to a remarkable career.