Pink Turns To Twitter For Halloween Costume Suggestions

Pink is currently bringing her Funhouse tour through Europe (she has a show in Glasgow tonight), but her mind is also on Halloween. The theatrical singer takes the forthcoming holiday seriously, and she turned to her over 600,000 Twitter followers for suggestions on what she should do for a costume this year. "What should I be for Halloween?" she tweeted. "I have a show that day, so the costume would just be for me, in my hotel room. I'd still go all out though."

She checked back in a little while later to weigh on some of the suggestions. "You are all insane," she tweeted. "A penguin? I like the glowstick one." She also noted that although she likes the idea of being a character from "True Blood," it's not quite what she is looking for. "I bet there will be 10 gazillion Sookie Stackhouses," she wrote. "I don't have that cool gap in my teeth. I wanna be a cheese ball."

It's uncertain whether Pink is simply looking for a costume that is cheesy or if she actually wants to dress up like a round orange snack food. Regardless, here are a few suggestions for Pink's costume dilemma.

» A Volturi Guard: Everybody's wild for vampires — especially the ones from "Twilight." So why not get ahead of the curve on the release of "New Moon" and dress like one of the Volturi? Hollywood Crush even has the complete guide.

» Octomom: Take eight vacuum cleaner hoses, affix them to the front of your mom jeans and voila! An incredibly lazy but funny and topical costume.

» Michael Jackson: There will probably be plenty of MJ's out there, and there are a number of options for costume pieces depending on which era you want to invoke. Just don't invest in one of these incredibly off-putting masks.

» Amelia Earhart: Anything Hilary Swank can do, you can do better!

» The Bird From "Up": Last year, it seemed like every other person dressed up like the Joker as an homage to the greatness of "The Dark Knight." This year, the movie-related costumes will probably be related to "Star Trek" or "Watchmen," but Pink should look into dressing herself like Kevin, one of the stars of Pixar's "Up." All she'll need is some feathers and a beak to walk with proud plumage.

» Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos: You're already a badass, so why not don your finest MMA gear and choke out a few members of your crew?

What do you think Pink should be for Halloween? Should she try to be Sookie Stackhouse despite her perfect teeth, or should she turn herself into Kate Gosselin? Leave your thoughts in the comments or head over to to make your voice heard!