Ludacris And Carmelo Anthony Pay A Visit To 'Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory'

By Eric Ditzian

I want to switch MTV jobs. All is fine and dandy within the toasty pop-culture confines of MTV News, but when I see a day in the life of Rob Dyrdek and the amusement park-esque warehouse he calls his office, I start thinking I need to flee our Times Square home and latch onto anything that has to with Dyrdek's "Fantasy Factory."

Case in (jealous) point: In this week's upcoming season finale on MTV, the skateboarder-turned-reality-TV star invites Ludacris and NBA All-Star and Denver Nuggets franchise player Carmelo Anthony over for a play date. It's every little kid's dream: Motorbikes, skateboard ramps, zip lines and giant pits filled with foam to break your landing after pulling insane, you-should-really-know-better stunts.

"You skateboard on this?" Luda asks at one point. "What happens when yo a-- falls smooth on the concrete?"

"It hurts," replies Dyrdek. "It hurts."

The full episode rolls out on Thursday at 9 p.m. E.T. as the two celebs stop by the Factory for a charitable wager with their host. But before then, check out this sneak peek to catch Luda tooling around like a dude in "ExciteBike" and to find out what 'Melo did to have Dyrdek cry, "No season enders in here! I'll have all Denver coming down on me!"