'NYSNC's Chris Kirkpatrick Probably Doesn't Read MTV News

JC Chasez recently told MTV News that he didn't think that was a chance in the world that 'NSYNC would ever reunite in any kind of way. So we're guessing when Chris Kirkpatrick recently spoke to People magazine about how he thought there was a chance that the guys would get back together, he hadn't read that JC article.

"You never know what the future holds. Anything could happen. We're all just being ourselves for a little while," Kirkpatrick, who is now a member of the band Nigels 11, told the magazine. "I think when the stars are aligned, the time is right, and all five of us have our heads on straight and know the direction we're going as a band, it'll eventually happen. If not, I know we'll be best friends forever."

Although he didn't paint the reunion as a definite, it is a far cry from the "you will never see an 'NSYNC reunion" rhetoric that "America's Best Dance Crew" judge Chasez dropped on us last month. "Nope," he said emphatically about any reunion tours or albums in the band's future. "I keep in touch with all of them. [We don't want to do it] because we already did that and it was fun, but we're done with it."

There it is: One guy wants to come back and one guy doesn't. Though we're assuming that as soon as Nigels 11 takes off and finds chart success that Chris will be singing another tune and be too busy for that 'NSYNC reunion. Right?