The Evolution Of Tokio Hotel: Their Career In Photos

It's Tokio Hotel week at MTV News, which means that everywhere you look there will be four glammed-out Germans and their groovy new album Humanoid. You should check out the MTV News Extended Play on the band, which will be updated daily with more tidbits from our exclusive video interview. And be sure to stay tuned to Newsroom for all the behind-the-scenes news from Tim Kash's time with the band. Humanoid represents the next step in the band's development, as they've taken the format that made them infamous (heartfelt lyrics matched with sleek riffs and anthemic choruses) and added bits of electronic music, dance beats and a bit of orchestration. It's a huge, widescreen album that perfectly matches the band's attitude.

Even though Humanoid is only the band's second English album, it's actually their fourth overall, and throughout their near-decade together, their appearance has evolved profoundly from album to album. Frontman Bill Kaulitz started out onstage with a sleek, almost aggro look (in this photo, you could probably convince somebody that he was actually Adam Lambert). Along the way, they've added futuristic fashions and a lot more hair (though Tom Kaulitz's signature dreadlocks have changed very little in the past eight years). Click here for more photos that detail the evolution of Tokio Hotel, from their beginnings as a Germany-only phenomenon to their breakout with Scream to the worldwide sensation that is Humanoid.