Mariachi El Bronx Undress, Order Tacos For Their 'Encore'

By Matt Elias

Once a band hits its final note, the show is rarely over. Every group has its own post-show ritual, and we here at MTV News are setting out to capture those moments in a segment we call "Encore." Because let's face it: Some of the best stuff happen offstage.

In our first "Encore," the Sounds' Felix Rodriguez showed off a Mexican Day of the Dead tattoo, so we're going to run with that theme this week and bring you Mariachi El Bronx. Hell, we can even stretch that Latino theme to our last "Encore" with Los Campesinos! Because their name is Spanish. That counts, right?

Mariachi El Bronx is a brilliant side project of Los Angeles punk outfit the Bronx. We caught up with the guys on an abnormally rainy night in L.A. for a hometown show. The venue was a cozy ranchero bar in downtown called La Cita. Despite the rain, El Bronx had the place packed with a wild bunch of Angelinos, who belted out a lot of "Ay yi yis" and whistles during their set.

It sounds like some kind of parody, but it's not — Mariachi El Bronx are the real deal. But that doesn't mean they take themselves seriously. Over the course of the night, lead singer Matt Caughthran dedicated songs to the Los Angeles Dodgers, his brother and a registered sex offender who lives across the hall from his ex-girlfriend — an eclectic combination, to be sure.

After some post-show drinks, the guys changed out of their custom-made charro suits, broke down their gear and took us out for some amazing late-night Mexican food. Check it out.