Snoop Dogg Returns To The WWE Ring On 'Raw'

On tonight's episode of "Raw," World Wrestling Entertainment's flagship television program, they will welcome a very special guest host: Rapper/actor/entrepreneur/wrasslin' enthusiast Snoop Dogg. It's hardly Snoop's first foray into a WWE ring, as he was the "Master of Ceremonies" for a match at Wrestlemania 24 in 2008. (He also appeared on a few episodes of "Raw" leading up to that event.) In the past few months, the "Raw" show has welcomed various celebrity hosts, from Bob Barker to Seth Green to Shaquille O'Neal. Each one has played a different role, with some even getting involved in the in-ring action. While not a trained wrestler, Snoop is no stranger to violence in the squared circle: He delivered a segment-ending lariat to heel wrestler Santino Marella at Wrestlemania 24. Though Snoop's plans have been kept under wraps, it's certain that his nose for television and his ability to cut sharp, hilarious promos should make for great wrestling television as "Raw" builds to the "Bragging Rights" pay-per-view event.

Snoop is hardly the first musician to step onto WWE programming. The company got huge in the early 1908s thanks to a lot of musical crossover (most notably with Cyndi Lauper). In more recent years, Kevin Federline helped promote his hip-hop album by getting involved in a feud with wrestler/MC John Cena (the two wrestled on "Raw" on New Year's Day in 2007, leading to a Federline victory). Kid Rock was a special musical guest on this year's Wrestlemania, making him the latest in a long line of guests for that big event, including Aretha Franklin, Boyz II Men, Limp Bizkit, John Legend, Ice-T, Mötorhead, Alice Cooper and Nicole Scherzinger.

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