Miley Cyrus, Adam Lambert, Captain Lou And Michael Jackson: This Week's Deep Cuts

The Newsroom is clearing out for the weekend, and if you're like us, you're either headed to a screening of "Where the Wild Things Are," dinner at your favorite Mexican restaurant or drinks at the local tavern. But before you let yourself get mesmerized by Spike Jonze or order another quesadilla, check out everything you might have missed this week in the Newsroom. There were plenty of birthdays, big interviews and bucks hunted — something for everybody!

» There are still a few more days before "Michael Jackson's This Is It" opens, but the new song "This Is It" has already been unleashed. Though Paul Anka had some qualms, it seems like the public approved.

» The wrestling and music worlds lost a crossover icon this week, as Captain Lou Albano passed away. He'll be remembered for his great promos, his nose for television and his strange group of friends, including Hulk Hogan and Andy Warhol.

» I apologized to Miley Cyrus for driving her away from Twitter, but it didn't change her mind. Bummer.

» The soundtrack to "New Moon" is out in stores right now, so be sure to stay caught up with some great videos from the artists on the album.

» Jim Cantiello weighed in on Adam Lambert's new song "Time for Miracles," calling the "American Idol" runner-up's voice "brizzonculent" (whatever that means).

» In the span of a few hours, Kanye West's clothing line went from "coming soon" to "never, ever happening."

» Fact: Kevin Smith almost directed the Weezer video that ended up starring the Muppets.

» This week saw the premiere of a brand new feature called "Bargain Spins." Check it out and leave us a bit of feedback — even suggest a record if you like!

» Lady Gaga unveiled the official poster for her Monster Ball tour. Like any good tour poster, it features shirtless dudes, bright lights and a gyroscope.

» Karen O was so busy working on the soundtrack to "Where the Wild Things Are" that she had to literally phone in her portions of the Flaming Lips album. (As it turned out, that was an excellent plan.)

» Def Jam celebrated 25 years this week, and we celebrated with 20 awesome Def Jam videos, including Beastie Boys, LL Cool J and ... Slayer?

» Look, somebody just give Pete Wentz an island already. It'll be awesome. Trust us.

» Sonic Youth appeared on "Gossip Girl," and we learned that as an actress, Kim Gordon is a pretty awesome bass player.

» And finally, the men from AFI would like you to joing the AFI Likers Club, no tattoos or shiny earrings required.