RZA Didn't Always Have A Map: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"We all travel a way or path in life. What I did in this book, we broke it down to seven pillars of wisdom of different things that happened in my life that brought me to the fruition of the man I am. I think all of us are striving to be better men, and sometimes we don't have a map. Going to the 'hood, we just know the 'hood talk and the 'hood mentality or the American video game mentality. As the great, late Mr. Magic — rest in peace, Mr. Magic — would say, when his show would go off, he would say, 'A fool can learn from his own mistakes, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.' That's what this book is."

-Rapper, producer and actor RZA, discussing the meaning and inspiration behind his new book "The Tao of Wu." The just-released tome is part autobiography, part philosophical think piece and 100 percent Wu. RZA spoke to MTV News at a book signing in New York last night, and he had plenty to share about inspiration, family and hip-hop. "My call was the call to hip-hop. It happened to me when I was 7 or 8 years old. Hearing [the Beastie Boys lyrics] 'Dip, dip, dive/ So socialize/ Clean out your ears and open your eyes.' Back then, it was just a rhyme, but listen to those words: 'Socialize' with people, 'clean out your ears and open your eyes.' See things for what they are. It's a message right there. At the time, it was just a message and a vibe. But it called me into this world of hip-hop. Through hip-hop, my whole family was saved. Many families were saved. Look at the Wu-Tang Clan, and all our families were saved."

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