Backstreet Boys And Weezer Both Come 'Undone'

Last week, the Backstreet Boys released their seventh album, This is Us. After speaking with Brian Littrell on the phone earlier this week, I've grown quite obsessed with several of the tracks on the album, including the Brian-approved track "Undone."

Anyway, after repeated (and repeated and repeated) listenings of the song, I remembered there's that other equally fantastic song of the same name (with the parenthetical "The Sweater Song," of course) by Weezer. So, here we take a second to discuss the two songs, which at first seem quite different (one's rock, the other is pop), but at their core they're more alike that you think.

Backstreet's "Undone" is a haunting, mid-tempo breakup ballad, and it might be one of the best tunes the Backstreet Boys have produced in the last few years (if not ever). The track uses each of their voices to maximum advantage and the song's tone is mature. And the lyrical content? Truly heartbreaking. (If this is what happens when Ryan Tedder gets together with BSB, then they should do this all the time.)

Weezer's "Undone" is also kind of haunting, with lyrics that are equally kind of sad. Although the tempo is a bit swifter than BSB's "Undone" and mixes Rivers Cuomo's aggressive vocals with dialogue and Matt Sharp's always amusing backup singing, it's essentially about heartbreak and loss.

On a final note, at some point BSB's "Undone" needs to be a single (take a cue from Weezer on that one, guys!), as it's too good not to be one. If you don't release it, I just might become undone myself.