Justin Bieber And Diddy: Another Match Made At The VMAs?

We already know that last month's MTV Video Music Awards brought together host Russell Brand and Rivers Cuomo collaborator Katy Perry. Now it seems like a professional relationship might have got its start that night at Radio City Music Hall.

Yesterday on Twitter, Justin Bieber approached Diddy about a collaboration. "Do you want this song I produced and sing on on your album?" he asked the legendary hip-hop mogul. He then followed up with a series of tweets to try to rally his followers. "Everyone tell @iamdiddy we need to make this J Bieber / P Diddy collab song happen," he wrote. He later re-tweeted a note from one of his followers that suggested that people on Twitter make "#diddyandbieber" a trending topic.

Clearly, his persistence paid off, as Diddy responded to one of Bieber's tweets. "Send me the song," Diddy wrote. "I'll check it out. Thanks."

Could we be hearing Bieber's voice on Last Train to Paris, or might Diddy be dropping some knowledge on Bieber's full-length debut? No matter what becomes of this new team-up, we can safely say that MTV News provided the platform for their first meeting. During the VMA Pre-show, Sway talked to Bieber and Diddy (accompanied by Dirty Money) simultaneously, noting that it was the first time the two had crossed paths. Though they didn't converse during the segment, they did agree that it was important to carry on the legacy of Michael Jackson. Check out the opening minutes of what could be a fruitful professional relationship.