Hall & Oates Address Strange Videos, Practice Punctuality

By Vanessa White Wolf

On Wendesday, I conducted the biggest interview of my life. I've talked to some pretty big names, like Madonna, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. But in the eight years I've been at MTV News, there has been one pair I have been desperate to talk to.



Yep, I spent the most amazing 20 minutes of my life (sad?) talking to Daryl Hall and John Oates in the Icon Room over at Sony. And it turns out that in addition to being the most amazing blue-eyed soul act ever, Daryl and John are also extremely punctual: They walked in at the same time we did, a full 30 minutes before cameras were set to roll. They were funny, thoughtful and had a lot to say about Do What You Want, Be What You Are, their new four-CD box set and the reason for the sit-down in the first place.

Hall & Oates discussed a number of topics, including the love they get from newer artists (like Gym Class Heroes and Fall Out Boy), the story behind the box set, how they narrowed down the hundreds of songs they've written and recorded over the years, their hit "You Make My Dreams" and its appearance in "500 Days of Summer," their individual Web series' and yes, they want "Rock Band: Hall & Oates."

But one of my favorite parts of the interview came when I asked the two of them about their extensive music video library. Daryl immediately started laughing and warned me that I was on "shaky ground." The guys went on to acknowledge that they always tried to just have fun with videos and make them very tongue-in-cheek — and that every one of them managed to be pretty ridiculous. When I brought up a post that appeared on Stereogum a few years ago (which was devoted to the brilliance of the clip "She's Gone"), they cracked up remembering how the whole thing came about.