Floyd 'Money' Mayweather On Michael Jackson: 'We Both Brought Something Totally Different'

Floyd "Money" Mayweather calls himself a living legend in the boxing game, and it's hard to argue with him. He has yet to lose a fight in his career and has held world championships in five different weight classes. He's as much an icon outside of the ring as in, known for flashing around giant stacks of money and wearing flashy bling (it's no wonder he fit right in as a character on WWE programming back in 2008). So when MTV News' Tim Kash asked Mayweather who in the music world most inspired him, his answer made perfect sense.

"Michael Jackson," the former champ said. "Flashy. Diamond socks. Glitter glove. Just like I brought to the sport of boxing, he brought something totally different." For a tough guy, Mayweather's take on Jackson's greatness is awfully poetic. "He was an artist who painted a picture when he danced," he said. "Today, you still play his songs and you get a chill through your body. Just like me in the fight game — I do the same thing."


Like a lot of other athletes, Mayweather draws a lot of inspiration from a number of musicians. During his sit-down, he called Drake "tough" and also praised the work of Jay-Z and Kanye West. He also addressed the feud between himself and rapper Rick Ross. "When you're on a certain level, you just let things go by," he said of the situation, which began when Ross baited Mayweather with a lyric in the song "Mafia Music." "I'm gonna stay in my lane and he's gonna stay in his lane." He even counts Ross as a fan, saying that he was in the audience when Mayweather fought Ricky Hatton. "Whether you pay to see me win or pay to see me lose, you still pay, so I thank Rick Ross for his donation."