Pete Wentz Says He'd Like His Own Sovereign Island

A few months ago, Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz talked to MTV News correspondent James Montgomery about wanting to play a reunion show on Sealand, a decommissioned oil rig in the middle of the ocean that acts as a sovereign nation for His Royal Highness Prince Regent Michael. That led to an actual response from Prince Michael, who wrote to Montgomery about his excitement over the idea. After that, we never got an update. But luckily, MTV News' Jocelyn Vena caught up with Wentz at the introduction event for the Dow Live Earth Run for Water Campaign and asked him about the latest exchange between his band and His Royal Highness.

"We got an e-mail back," Wentz said. "He's not on Sealand right now. He's on the beaches in France basking in the sun and was open to the possibility of [a show]. That's the one concert that Fall Out Boy could possibly play this year."

Wentz's enthusiasm for Sealand hasn't waned at all — in fact, he's quite interested in getting in on the same sort of deal himself. "Some people call it absurd, but I think it's actually brilliant. The guy has passports, his own currency, he fires flares if the royal navy gets too close. I want my own island powered by electric eels, Brando style. It's going to be crazy there. You don't even know."

Since "Sealand" is already taken, what would Wentz call his own island? "The Island of Awesome," he said. "It would just be rad. We would just have fun all the time."