John Mayer Endorses Miley Cyrus' Exit From 'The Hate-rix': The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"I think she's smart enough to realize there is some interference of the brain that she doesn't want to deal with. Artists have enough to deal with. She's a child, she's a fantastic artist — I think there's enough mental real estate being taken up by dealing with all of that stuff. For whatever reason, I am old enough and smart enough to tell someone to go f--- themselves if they tell me to go f--- myself. I think if you're in Miley's situation, it might take a little too much time to play goalie for your own heart and mind. So I totally get it."

-Twitter enthusiast John Mayer, commenting on Miley Cyrus' decision to delete her account on the microblogging service, which caused quite a media stir last week. Mayer sat down with MTV News' Tim Kash to talk about his new album Battle Studies, the just-premiered video for its first single "Who Says" and a reality he calls "The Hate-rix." "I call it that because it's not really happening. It's just this fake world of people criticizing other people," he laughed. "It's a shame, but look, that's what it comes down to in America. Miley is somebody who's made a bunch of money doing something she loves. Most people do things they hate, for less money. If somebody can repurpose something that somebody loves doing for a lot of money, in order to make a little bit of that money, they're gonna do it. So nobody hates Miley Cyrus; they're just picking up on her brand, repurposing it, to try to make a little bit of Miley cash. It's damaging people's minds."

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