Is Leighton Meester's New Single A Keeper? The Oh Snap! Poll

"Gossip Girl" star Leighton Meester has become the latest actress to unleash a song on the masses in an attempt at a crossover. The track, "Somebody to Love," features a guest spot from Robin Thicke and is the first single from Meester's forthcoming debut full-length album. It's bright, shiny dance beat (produced by Mike Caren and Oligee and written by Usher collaborator Rico Love) borrows heavily from classic Madonna tracks and provides a good base for Meester's shape-shifting voice. The track is also miles away from the type of music that "Gossip Girl" castmate Taylor Momsen has been producing with her band Pretty Reckless.

We know what we think, but what do the people thing? We decided to hit the street outside of MTV News headquarters, play the tune for some folks and get their initial reaction to it. It's a chilly day in Times Square today, but did Meester's "Somebody to Love" help provide some warmth?


The delightfully unscientific results are in, and the majority have sided with Meester and "Somebody to Love." 72 percent of the people we talked to in Times Square said that they were on board with it, citing the propulsive beat and the subtly catchy melody. Even the 28 percent who didn't like the track wanted to let Meester down easily. "I like the song, but she's better as an actress," said one respondent.

What do you think? Does "Somebody to Love" deserve heavy rotation or the old heave-ho? Leave your thoughts in the comments or head over to to make your voice heard!