'Big Buck Safari' Blasts Its Way Into The Newsroom

If it seems like the output on MTV News gets little sluggish in the next year or so, you can chalk it up to the latest digital distraction. Just before lunch today, Multiplayer editor Russ Frushtick rolled into the Newsroom with two delivery men, who were carting a full-scale arcade cabinet that contained "Big Buck Safari."

See that photo? That's James Montgomery, Frushtick and Rya Backer contemplating the best way to gun down elk. Bets are already being taken. Complaints have already been filed. This will not end well (which is to say it will likely end awesomely).

Of course, the game isn't just for our enjoyment. Frushtick brought the game in to challenge various stars to one-on-one encounters for a new recurring feature on Multiplayer. But in the meantime, it'll be living in the center of our universe, taunting us with its shooty digital goodness.

It's not the first time MTV News has had access to an arcade game that destroyed focus and threatened productivity on a daily basis. A few years ago, there was a "Hydro Thunder" cabinet sitting in one of the conference rooms. For the uninitiated, "Hydro Thunder" is a powerboat racing game that is unspeakably difficult but also incredibly awesome. No one is entirely sure what became of "Hydro Thunder," though the general consensus is that "Big Buck Safari" is an upgrade (mostly because it involves firearms). As James put it, "This place is one ball pit away from becoming a Dave & Buster's." (Or, as Jim Cantiello said, "It's just like the loft from 'Big' now.")

Frushtick hasn't talked about whom he's going to challenge, though it seems obvious that Ted Nugent would have to make an appearance in the Newsroom at some point. Who else would you like to see test their mettle at the game? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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