Hayley Williams, Pink Weigh In On Their Favorite TV Shows Via Twitter

The new TV season is in full effect, and a handful of stars have taken to Twitter to weigh in on some of their favorite shows. Yesterday, Paramore singer Hayley Williams took some time off to watch multiple episodes of Showtime's "Dexter," the black comedy about a serial killer played by Michael C. Hall. "Dexterrrrrrr," she wrote in an on-point tweet. Clearly, she's enthusiastic about the show, and life on the road must be preventing her from keeping up with it. In a response to a friend, Williams tweeted, "I love Dexter. Literally just watched 7 episodes. All day long." Williams has excellent taste, as "Dexter" is one of the best shows on TV.

Williams isn't the only star on Twitter reviewing television. Pink weighed in on one of her favorite shows last night: ABC's "Brothers and Sisters," the drama series that stars Calista Flockhart, Rob Lowe and Sally Field. "I'm not one to try to persuade viewers — 'cause do what the f--- you want — but 'Brothers & Sisters' is my fav show," the singer tweeted. "I've never laughed and cried so much."

While both ladies are devoted to two excellent shows, they're going to have to cram in some viewing time while on the road. Pink is currently in Europe for another batch of shows on her tour for Funhouse, while Paramore will be crossing North America for the next few weeks before heading across the pond themselves.