'Dancing With The Stars' Results: Chuck Liddell KO'd

During his career in the UFC, Chuck Liddell rarely lost. Sure, he got knocked out by Rashad Evans and was on the short end of a decision against Keith Jardine, but Liddell spent most of his time dominating. But if he was jarred or put off by his elimination from "Dancing with the Stars" last night, he certainly didn't show it. For a guy who got famous by being violent, Liddell has spent the last few weeks on "Dancing with the Stars" smiling and charming his way into the hearts of viewers across the country (though obviously Michael Irvin has managed to woo quite a few more).

In a surprising twist, Aaron Carter (who was once anointed by this Web site as the sure winner) found himself in the bottom three for the second consecutive week. What's up with him? Is he actually distracted by the rumored relationship with dance partner Karina Smirnoff? He has really cleared the way for Mya, who has been so consistently good in the past two weeks that she might as well be on a different show entirely.

The best stories week-to-week are always the comebacks, which is why the most entertainment came from inspiring performances from Kelly Osbourne and especially Melissa Joan Hart, who managed to display a sexy energy that she was previously unable to harness. For at least two minutes on Monday night, she looked like a potential champion.

It's always a little bit distracting when other stars drop in on "Dancing with the Stars," though any visit from Shakira is always welcome. Her album She Wolf is still a few weeks away from release, but she's already on her second single. "Did It Again" is a fun Neptunes-kissed track, but it's no "She Wolf." Still, Shakira always lends a little bit of surreality to any show, so her visit was a welcome distraction from Tuesday night's results show (which is consistently an insufferably dull block of television).

As for next week, Irvin remains on the ropes. Louie Vito has also got to go (his country two-step was much, much worse that Liddell's, making this week another "Dancing with the Stars" miscarriage of justice), though his partner Chelsie Hightower will be missed profoundly when he finally does disappear.