Bowling For Soup Don't Apologize For Partying, But Do Say Sorry For Jamming

There are a handful of new albums available today, including the latest psychedelic freakout from the Flaming Lips and Bob Dylan's Christmas album. But the one new release that guarantees a party is the latest from Bowling for Soup. Sorry for Partyin' features 14 tracks worth of good-time riffs, drink-along choruses and cheeky lyrics about beer and girls. And though the title of the album suggests that they've got a bit of regret, they want to reassure fans that they shouldn't take it seriously.

"It's more of a sarcastic thing," frontman Jaret Reddick told MTV News. "We're not actually sorry."

Indeed, the Grammy-nominated (for "Girl All the Bad Guys Want") group is unapologetic about most things. Take the video for "Wena," for example, which features one of Reddick's Facebook friends dressed as a giant phallus. "That song could be about a girl named Wena, or it could be about a dog," Reddick said. "[The girl in the costume] was a trooper, because it was 114 degrees in Texas that day, and we shot most of the video outside."

The band recently completed a promotional tour for Sorry for Partyin' that was sponsored by 7-Eleven. Though it kept prices down (all tickets were just $7.11), it didn't allow for the right kind of synergistic opportunities. "What would the Bowling for Soup Slurpee taste like?" Reddick wondered.

"Probably beer," offered bassist Chris Burney. "I've definitely mixed the Coke Slurpee with Jack Daniel's. Rum is good, too. It all has to do with booze, doesn't it?"

But despite their positive, anything-goes attitude, you'll never catch Bowling for Soup kicking back and starting a jam. "The other day, we were rehearsing and we ended up just messing around with this silly riff for five minutes," Reddick said. "We all stopped at the same time and said, 'Let's never do that again. That was miserable!'"


Next up for the band is another video (this time for "No Hablo Inglés") and a tour of the U.K. that kicks off this Saturday in Glasgow, Scotland. All the while, they'll keep partying. "We've perfected the beer float — that's vanilla ice cream and Miller Lite," explained Burney. "It's delicious."