'Gossip Girl' Welcomes Sonic Youth To The Upper Crust

By Rya Backer

Last night I did something I haven't done in, like, three weeks: I watched "Gossip Girl." Why? Because in the last 10 minutes, one of my favorite bands in the history of recorded music, Sonic Youth, showed up.

If you were watching last night, then perhaps later we can talk about why Georgina Sparks is just the worst person the world (ruining a wedding? Making Dan break up with a celebrity?) and how outlandish Carter Baizen's story line is. Actually, I take that back — I never want to talk about how he tried to marry the cousin of the girl Nate was dating. (At least I think that's how it went.) But let's talk about Sonic Youth!

The best night that Rufus and Lily spent as a couple was a lot of years ago, while Rufus and his band Lincoln Hawk were opening for Sonic Youth. They stayed at a motel where they drank wine out of "Welcome Back, Kotter!" mugs (Rufus got Lily a Horshack mug, because you were wondering). Later in the episode, they got into a fight about what kind of wedding they ought to have, and there was a montage that involved them looking at pictures of each other (in their respective apartments, natch) while "Antenna," a track from Sonic Youth's very good 2009 release The Eternal played.

And then there was wedding drama. But then everybody calmed down, a missing son was found, two couples broke up and Rufus and Lily finally tied the knot. And who officiated said ceremony? None other than Sonic Youth bassist Kim Gordon!

Gordon then joined her band to perform "Starpower," a single off their 1986 release EVOL. It should be noted that this wasn't the first time Sonic Youth showed up on a young adult television drama, as Gordon and Thurston Moore (along with their daughter, Coco) showed up on an episode of "Gilmore Girls" to perform "What a Waste."

So, "Gossip Girl," it was great to tune in once again for a good cause. Please see to it that the Beastie Boys perform at another upcoming set of nuptials, and you just might win me back permanently.