Alicia Silverstone Brings The Vegan Message To The MTV Newsroom

By Holly Lunn

After I was told that I would be sitting in on the interview with Alicia Silverstone, I was super excited. I had no idea why she was coming in, as she isn't in any upcoming movies or TV shows. The buzz in the Newsroom was about flirting and superheroes. I was so confused — was she doing a new movie where she played a flirty superhero? The camera started rolling and the discussion began of her new diet cookbook "The Kind Diet," which was the primary reason for her visit.

Actually, calling "The Kind Diet" a cookbook sort of undersells it. It's more of a lifestyle guide that helps change what you are eating to avoid hurting both yourself and animals. She explained that cutting out meats and dairy would cause amazing changes in your skin, energy level, nails and waistline.

She also clarified the idea of "flirts" and "superheroes." Silverstone described a "flirt" as a beginning-level vegan, a person who still eats meat and diary but has started to gradually cut down. A "superhero" is the third level, which means an all-plant diet.

I was not convinced that I would ever stop eating meat or dairy until she mentioned ice cream, which is my all time favorite food. She went into a detailed description of how cows are milked and that most of the time it is done quite forcefully and cruely, which is not only painful for the animal but dangerous for the milk drinkers. In fact, when blood sneaks into the milk, they don't even take it out — they just dye it! Let's just say I don't think I will ever eat it ice cream again.

When the interview wrapped, I realized that Silverstone had accomplished everything she set out to in her 15 minutes in the chair: She got me (and a number of other people) interested in her diet and also probably saved a few animals along the way. I would call that a good day indeed.