Marc Anthony Leads The Miami Dolphins To Victory

He wasn't on the field during the final play of the game (which saw Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown scamper into the endzone for a touchdown), but superstar singer Marc Anthony certainly gave his team a boost last night at Miami's Landshark Stadium. The Dolphins beat the New York Jets 31-27 following a star-studded "orange carpet" that welcomed Anthony (who is part owner of the team) and his wife Jennifer Lopez (or was it Lola?). The event also welcomed Gloria Estefan (another minority owner), former Dolphins coach Don Shula and supermodel Naomi Campbell. Last night's game opened with Anthony's rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner," which no doubt inspired the Dolphins (who are hobbled by an injury to their quarterback Chad Pennington) to overcome one of the strongest defenses in football.

Anthony's ownership in the Dolphins is part of an initiative by the team to bring in celebrity investors. In addition to Anthony and Estefan, tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams both own a slice of the team. Jimmy Buffet also got himself a stake in the franchise — in fact, the stadium where the Dolphins play is named after Landshark, Buffet's brand of beer. Though they're not necessarily involved in day-to-day operations, Anthony and the other celebrity owners do get consulted and have the ear of the team's management. Anthony and Lopez aren't the first musicians to get into sports franchise ownership, either, as Jay-Z (New Jersey Nets), Usher (Cleveland Cavaliers), Nelly (Charlotte Bobcats) and Jon Bon Jovi (Philadelphia Soul) have all dabbled in that world.