Should Kris Allen Record A JC Chasez Song?

"American Idol" winner Kris Allen is nearing the completion of his top-secret major label debut (which still doesn't have a title), but a new demo popped up over the weekend that might shed some light on the kind of material he has vetted.

JC Chasez (of 'NSYNC and "Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew" fame) wrote and recorded a song called "Build Some Love" for consideration for Allen's debut CD. The tune, which was posted on a JC Chasez fan site yesterday, is a tender ballad that would fit very nicely on a OneRepublic setlist. The gist is that JC (or Kris Allen, I suppose) is in love with an emotionally reserved girl, but his loving is so magical, he's able to tear down her wall and "build some love." Epic, right? [Crickets.]


I mention OneRepublic because everything about the tune reminds me of a track Ryan Tedder would churn out. It's piano-based, with a thunderous bass drum that kicks in a la "Apologize" (and "Halo" and "Battlefield" and "Bleeding Love" and "Already Gone"). It's got a "Love is hard, but I wanna fix it" message. And the chorus tries to soar on a falsetto note or three.

I'm all for Kris recording a ballad or two (or three?) for his album, but I'm not so sure this is one of them. While the melodies of the verses are quite beautiful, the chorus is little more than a generic Tedder-lite hook that goes in one ear and out the other.

Plus, based on Mat Kearney's vote of confidence, I'd much rather hear a Kris-penned track than something from a dude who released a single called "All Day Long I Think About Sex." (Look up the music video — it's hideously awesome.)

So Kris (since I know you read all my blog posts), heed my advice: You can do better than "Build Some Love." If you must record it, save it for a Wal-Mart bonus track. And please ditch those Tedder drums. Not all ballads need to pound our eardrums, mmkay?

What do you think of JC's song? Do you hope Kris puts his spin on it or leaves it for another artist to release?