Michael Jackson's 'This Is It': The Oh Snap Poll

Perhaps the most hotly-anticipated aspect of "Michael Jackson's This Is It," the forthcoming film that documents the rehearsals for the late superstar's planned residency at London's O2 Arena, is the unveiling of a never-before-heard song from Jackson's apparently deep vault. The song, "This Is It," made its way online today (it premiered over at Jackson's official Web site), and it's a vintage midtempo Jackson ballad that features his iconic voice and an ambling melody that recalls his hit "Heal the World." (That association may not be too far off, as the song may have come from the sessions for Jackson's 1991 album Dangerous.)

But does the song live up to Jackson's towering legacy? There's only one way to find out, which is why we took the elevator down 29 floors, walked out the front door and headed into New York City's Times Square to get some immediate reactions from some fans on the street.


The hilariously unscientific results are in, and the crowd has given an overwhelming thumbs up to "This Is It," with 87 percent of the people interviewed endorsing the song. Many seemed to be excited just to hear Michael's voice again, though more than one noted that they were really attracted to the positive nature of the lyrics. Of the minority who didn't like the tune, most had issues with the tempo.

What do you think: Does "This Is It" a worthy addition to Jackson's songbook or should it have stayed in the vault? Leave your thoughts in the comments below or head over to Your.MTV.com to make your voice heard!

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