Bruce Springsteen Closes Giants Stadium With Covers, Crowd Surfing

By Lindsay Wallace

On Thursday and Friday (October 8 and 9), the legendary Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band rocked Giants Stadium with the final concert performances at the venue (the stadium is being demolished in favor of a new building for football's Giants and Jets beginning next season).

At the start of the show on Thursday, Bruce came out to the center of the stage in front of 60,000 screaming fans, smiled and waved before grabbing his microphone and launching into "Wrecking Ball," the song written specifically for the occasion of Giants Stadium's demise. The tribute consists of lyrics like, "My home is here in these Meadowlands/ Where mosquitoes grow big as airplanes/ Through the mud and the beer, I've seen champions come and go/ So if you got the goods mister, if you got the balls/ Then step in line and bring on your wrecking ball!"

"Well, it's nice to be in my backyard and be here to shut the old lady down," Bruce said after the song was finished. "We've had a lot of great nights here, let's make this another one."

On Thursday, the band performed the entirety of the critically acclaimed 1975 album Born to Run. On Friday night, the Boss' much-hyped final performance featured a complete run-through of 1984's Born in the USA. Before Bruce ripped into the title track, he noted that it was the first song he ever played at the stadium over twenty years ago.

Though the shows focused on complete albums, Springsteen didn't forget other classics like "Rosalita" and "Spirit in the Night." The 60-year-old rock star certainly played younger than his age, even going as far as going on a little crowd surf in between songs. It was clear he was a man who was enjoying himself, and why not? He was the quintessential Jersey rocker closing down an iconic Jersey landmark.

The final song on Thursday night's show was a cover of "Twist and Shout," but Friday night closed with Tom Waits' "Jersey Girl," which Bruce called the stadium's "last dance." After the band left the stage, almost nobody in the stadium moved. They moaned "Bruuuuuuuuce" over and over again until the lights went off. As the rain began to fall, the lights came back up, letting everybody know that the show — and Giants Stadium — was over.

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