Justin Bieber Fans Go Crazy At 'Today' Performance

By Rya Backer

Justin Bieber has already conquered the Internet, pop radio and MTV. This morning — with the support of his army of fans — Bieber made his morning television debut on NBC's "Today." The 15-year-old, very-pint-sized sensation played his two singles, "One Time" and "One Less Lonely Girl," along with an acoustic rendition of a crowd favorite, "Favorite Girl." Always gracious, Bieber did his best to meet as many fans as possible, many of whom took advantage of the lack of school today to line up for the show on Sunday night.

"He has the voice of an angel!" said a fan who, along with her friend (and a patient parent — a common accessory in the crowd) saw him perform for the first and second times, respectively. Another pair of girls next to them excitedly held up signs they made for their favorite singer. "I wrote 'Justin 4 President,'" one girl explained. "He should so be president."

Another group of girls displayed their love for Bieber in another way: With books. Having arrived last night after a trip to the mall to pick up matching purple American Apparel hoodies (the same one Bieber sports in his video for "One Time"), the girls brought books with them. "He asked us to bring the books for kids who can't have them," at an event last Thursday. "We brought them for a good cause, and because he asked us to!"


But some other audience members weren't feeling as altruistic. "We got into a lot of fights to get to the front," said a group of high school students. Many of the "Today" staffers and security guards can attest to barricades nearly being broken with the amount of enthusiastic fans. And with two songs storming the charts and an album out in a little over a month, it doesn't look like those fans are going anywhere any time soon.

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