Miley Cyrus Leaves Twitter, And I Apologize Profusely

After her Twitter account mysteriously vanished last week, Miley Cyrus took to the Internet this weekend to deliver an explanation in the form of a well-choreographed rap. In the video, Cyrus raps, "I stopped livin' for moments and started living for people ... I want my private life private." basically saying that she wants to withdraw from cyberspace in order to make her personal life a little more, well, personal. But there was another line in the rap that really hit home and made me feel a little guilty. "Everything that I type and everything that I do/ All those lame gossip sites take it and they make it news." While I'd like to think that Newsroom is something more than a "lame gossip site," I can't help but wonder if I became part of the problem.

You see, a few weeks ago I wrote this tribute to Cyrus' Twitter feed after following it for weeks. As I explained in that post, what I liked best about it were the notes she wrote in between all the rehearsals, photos shoots and career-related things she narrated on her site. They were thoughts I found desperately, existentially sad. It was a helpful reminder that no matter how famous she becomes, Cyrus is still only 16 years old and has had to grow up in the most surreal circumstances possible. Unlike a lot of celebrity Twitter, which comes across as desperate self-promotion, Cyrus' feed humanized her in ways that no Barbara Walters interview or magazine article had in the past.

But now that I consider what I was really doing, I can see why Cyrus decided to bail out. Who wants an entire media complex dissecting your every word about what foods you like or what emo songs you're listening to? Her Twitter gave a fascinating sneak peek into Cyrus' inner life, but what right does anybody have to that information? (Save for the people who, you know, actually know her.)

So Miley, I'm sorry for driving you off the Internet. Just know that my intentions were good, and if you ever feel like coming back to the Twitter fold, I'll be here waiting to click "Follow" once again.