Adam Lambert's 'Time For Miracles': First Reactions

There has been a deafening buzz surrounding Adam Lambert's "Time for Miracles" ever since Queen guitarist Brian May wrote a gushing blog post about it over the summer. Impatient "Idol"-heads (myself included) began to theorize that the song — recorded for the upcoming disaster epic "2012" — must be the most amazing track ever committed to tape, considering it turned an elderly rock legend into a squeeing fangirl. (Welcome to the dark side, Brian May, but until you've drunk-tweeted one or several "Idol" contestants, you are no match for my "Idol" obsession.)


On Friday afternoon, Amazon posted a 30-second snippet of the song which included the end of a Bon Jovi-esque verse and the beginning of a soaring chorus with a hook to end all hooks. "Baby you know that/ Maybe it's time for miracles/ 'Cause I ain't giving up on us." (FYI: The chorus has been on repeat in my head for almost 72 hours, refusing to budge.)

Predictably, moments after the Amazon link spread, the internet exploded not only with overwhelming fan reaction but also quick, informal reviews of the song. Richard Rushfield (former Los Angeles Times "Idol" guru) proclaimed on Twitter, "Yet did I never breathe its pure serene Till I heard [Lambert] speak out loud and bold." EW's Michael Slezak said it puts the "edible in incredible," while Yahoo Music's Lyndsey Parker warned fans, "Prepare to have your face blown off, '2012'-style."

Just when "Miracle" mania couldn't get any greater, AOL posted an 86-second "Adam Lambert Music Teaser" featurette late Friday, which added fuel to an already-raging fire. Fan theories that the song would be epic were proven correct. Like any blockbuster closing credits ballad worth its weight in pomposity, "Time for Miracles" has key changes, "Kashmir"-like breakdowns and over-the-top vocal acrobatics. Score!

Lambert lovers trended "#timeformiracles" on Twitter well into Sunday, and "Idol" fan hubs like MJ's Big Blog were overwhelmed with comments that described physical reactions to the sneak peak. We're talking tears, shaking and cold sweats, folks. When's the last time you experienced that from a snippet of content? (Justin Bieber fans and Twilighters need not apply.)

I'd still like to hear the full song before I officially weigh in. For all we know, the verses could be about unicorns and magic rainbows. (It wouldn't be the first time an "Idol" contestant had to sing about such absurd things.) But what I am comfortable with saying at this point is that Adam Lambert's voice sounds nothing short of amazing, mind-blowing, brizzonculent. (I had to make up a word there, because I'm fairly certain there's no string of letters that could properly convey how awesome he sounds.) Even on, like, the 150th listen to the snippet, I still get dizzy when his voice slides on the line "I ain't givin' uuuuuup on us." Like buttah.

Even my "Idol"-bashing coworker [name redacted to prevent hate mail] was overcome with Lambertitis once he heard the preview. After lifting his jaw off the ground, he said in a daze, "That dude can blooooow." If Lambert can convert the biggest hater out there, forget miracles, friends. It's time for champagne!