Kanye West's Pastelle Fashion Line Is Finally Here Never Happening

By Steven Roberts

The wait is finally over! Pastelle is here! You know, Kanye West's sorta-highly-anticipated fashion line? Remember "So go 'head, go nuts, go ape s---/ Specially in my Pastelle or my Bape s---"? Yeah, that Kanye West fashion line!

Photos finally hit the Web late yesterday of the much talked about — and nearly forgotten — clothing line by Kanye. The Louis Vuitton Don has been plugging his fashion line since his debut album, The College Dropout, when he was rocking Jordan VIs, a leather Louis backpack and a Polo sweaters — you know, the one with the cute little bear on it. Fans have waited patiently, but the only evidence of it has been a static Web site and a few pieces that Mr.West has worn at various award shows and red carpets.

Despite the delay of his own brand, Yeezy has been incredible active in the fashion world. He has released the Air Yeezys through a partnership with Nike, teamed up with Louis Vuitton to release a line of high-end, much more expensive shoes, was declared the winner of Complex magazine's Style Wars (an honor Pharrell should've won, but I digress) and of course there was Paris Fashion Week back in January.

Check out photos of the line. It's nothing we haven't seen before, but it does renew interest in the Voice of This Generation's brand.

UPDATE: Turns out Pastelle will never, ever, ever come out.