Kevin Smith On His Video Pitch To Weezer: 'They Wanted Something Good, I Gave Them Something Me'

The video for Weezer's new single "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To" (from their forthcoming seventh album Raditude) will be premiering soon, and no matter what was happening with Weezer's music, they have always been a top-shelf video band. In fact, they first gained national attention with the groundbreaking clip for "Buddy Holly" (which was directed by Spike Jonze). Along the way, they've worked with some huge directors (Jonze, Mark Romanek, Sophie Muller and Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris) on some cornerstone videos ("Say It Ain't So," "Hash Pipe" and last year's "Pork and Beans" among them).

One director they never worked with was "Clerks" and "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" mastermind Kevin Smith. But it wasn't for lack of trying — the band actually hit up Smith for a video treatment for "Keep Fishin'" back in 2002. "Weezer asked me about doing a video, and I came back with a proposal that was all dialogue oriented," Smith told MTV News during a long interview discussing, among other things, his new book "Shootin' The Sh*t With Kevin Smith: The Best Of SModcast" and his latest comic book venture. "And the song would play in the background on a little jukebox in a diner." He never heard back about his pitch, but quickly realized where he had erred, as the clip ended up getting made by Marcos Siega and starred the Muppets. "When I saw the Muppet video, I thought 'Oh! They wanted something good, I was giving them something me.'" He's not bitter, though — just aware of his limitations. "I'm not the guy you want for a video," he said. "I don't think visually."