Kris Allen Fans Weigh In With More Bad Album Title Ideas

Yesterday, we posted a silly blog entry about what we hoped Kris Allen wouldn’t name his major label debut (which comes out on November 17). And you guys showed up in droves to make your own suggestions. Some of your comments made me giggle, some of them made me shake my head, and all of them were appreciated.

Since “Idol” album news is fairly dry today (aside from Allison Iraheta’s first single becoming available for download), I thought it’d be fun to count down my favorite fan suggestions for album titles Kris Allen should avoid.

5: I’m Kris Allen and You’re Not user “Lois” was clearly piggybacking on my Not Adam Lambert joke, but she twisted my innocent jab against a couple angry Glamberts into a vicious attack on all Lambert lovers. Peace and love, Lois! You’re only getting a shout-out here because I appreciate your Chevy Chase reference.

4: Gangstas of Little Rock
“Generally” left this gem, which refers to an HBO documentary that Kris name-checked in an interview. But it’s important to correct Generally and Mr. Allen once and for all: The HBO documentary was actually called “Gang War: Bangin’ In Little Rock.” And I’m not so sure Kris would ever have the word “Bangin'” in an album title. (Anoop on the other hand? I can believe it.) Fun fact: Wikipedia claims people casually refer to the doc as “Gang Bangin’ in Little Rock,” as well. [Spit take!]
3: Krim
Oh “Beebopin,” while I appreciate you perpetuating the nickname Kris gave the two of us, I am not involved in any way, shape or form with the actual production of Kris’ album. Which is a good thing, as anyone who has seen me do karaoke can attest. The passion is there, but the vocal chops? Nahsomuch.

2: Serendipity
The good: It’s a cute wink to the fact that Kris casually tagged along to his brother’s “Idol” audition and then ended up winning the whole damn show. Plus, it reminds me of frozen hot chocolate. Yum yum! The bad: It also reminds me of a terrible rom-com with John Cusack.

1: Glass Chicken
The appropriately-named “BeyondInsane” pointed out that one of the lines in Kris’ single “Live Like We’re Dying” sounds like “Every second counts on the clock, glass chicken.” (The actual lyric is about a clock “that’s tickin.'”) But Insane is right. Once you think “glass chicken,” you can’t not hear “glass chicken.” I’m just happy that I have another mis-heard lyric to cling to. I can’t even print what I first thought the dude was saying when he sings the phrase “given here” earlier in the song. Zoinks.

Keep those ideas rolling in, you guys! We only have a couple days before Kris has to officially decide on a title. You don’t want him to go with a boring old self-titled name, do you?