Katy Perry And Russell Brand: A Match Made At The VMAs

Another day brings the world another paparazzi shot of Russell Brand and Katy Perry out on a date. At least that’s what everyone is calling it. Although no official word has come down that the pair are seeing each other in a romantic sense, they have been spotted all over Paris, going to fashion shows and hitting the town. And, might we add, is there a better to city to fall in love?

On Wednesday, the pair was spotted at the Galliano show looking like quite the lovely couple. Russell was decked out in a blinged-out tuxedo jacket with pinstripe pants, while Katy rocked a floor-length bubblegum gown with matching pink shoes. On Tuesday, the pair had been spotted at the Fendi show together. And they certainly haven’t been shy to hold hands and touch each other while hitting up the shows.

But we realize that they also weren’t shy about supporting each other right there on the world’s stage at the Video Music Awards last month in New York City. With the assistance of Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, she opened the show by serenading Brand with a cover of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” as he made his way onto to the stage. He, of course, offered to be her shoulder to cry on when she didn’t win any prizes at the big event.

So it seems like love bloomed right in front of the world at Radio City Music Hall. We here at MTV News love a good love story.


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