Kris Allen’s Album Doesn’t Have A Title Yet, But MTV News Can Help!

November 17 is rapidly approaching, and Kris Allen is working overtime to wrap up his debut album. In addition to shooting a music video for “Live Like We’re Dying” this weekend, spending time in Kevin Rudolf’s studio, and continuing to write and record music, Allen has been making the rounds doing radio interviews and an epic phoner with Entertainment Weekly. (Kris, your people have my phone number. Just sayin’.)

One of the last details Kris needs to settle on? The all-important album title!

Since I’ve got the Kris Allen beat covered here at MTV News (perhaps too covered, my therapist says) I thought it’d be fun to make a list of five potential album titles Kris Allen should avoid at all costs.

1. Little Rock
I suggested this one to Kris during our last brief interview. (The title works on two levels! He’s from Little Rock and he’s short! Also, I’m a jackass!) Understandably, Kris reacted as though I suggested he do a reggae remix of “No Boundaries.” You’re right, Kris. Little Rock is a terrible idea. Ignore me.

2. Allentown
Only works if he plans on covering Billy Joel’s ode to the working class. And even then, I wouldn’t advise it.

3. Kris Allen Sings Ryan Tedder Songs That All Sound Vaguely Similar And Familiar
Dear God, I hope this doesn’t happen, especially since OneRepublic is dropping its sophomore album the same day as Kris’ debut. Too much Tedder. My iPod will spontaneously combust and/or turn into a brick of cheese.

4. Not Adam Lambert
The humble dude has always been a gracious winner, especially after topping Lambert back in May. (“Idol” message boards just exploded, by the way.) But perhaps Kris has been too gracious. The last thing he needs to do is remind the world that Adam Lambert’s release is just around the corner. Keep the spotlight on yourself, mate. You earned it, even if 15 very vocal (and very annoying) conspiracy theorists are still screaming about power voting.

5. Jim Cantiello’s Sneakers Rule
I know you were crushing on my kicks last time we spoke, but you already released an album called Brand New Shoes before “American Idol.” Steer clear of the footwear jargon on your major-label debut.

Until we get the official Kris album title from 19 Recordings and Jive Records, let this blog post serve as a hub for your suggestions! Do you have ideas? Leave them in the comments below.