Jay Reatard Chooses Craziest Way Possible To Dismiss Band Members

Bands break up all the time. Sometimes it's amicable and they agree to quietly go their separate ways to pursue "other musical ventures." And sometimes they tell the truth, after the years of resentment and ego boil over into backstage brawls or verbal beatdowns that make working together unbearable.

And then there's Jay Reatard. The scarily prolific 29-year-old punk from Memphis whose released dozens of singles and albums over the past decade under various names recently split with the members of his live band.

Oh boy did he.

In the midst of a U.S. tour, the sometimes antagonistic singer/guitarist known for mixing it up with overly zealous fans dropped the hammer, real hard, on former drummer Billy Hayes and bassist Stephen Pope via Twitter on Tuesday.

"Band quit! F--- them!" he tweeted. "They are boring rich kids who can't play for s--- anyways. Say hello to your ugly and boring wives, I mean lives guys. Suck it." The Woodie-nominated rocker followed that up a bit later with the lament, "So who wants to see just how terrible it is to play in my band? I mean, it's so so hard. I promise it's the worst."

With a European tour just a month away, Reatard later told England's NME that he's working on getting a new band in time for the dates. "I'm going to be auditioning new members soon and I really hope to make it to Europe and start fresh," he said. "All the bulls--- aside, our band is a really easy one to be in. Ride in the van, listen to jams, load in gear, eat great food, drink free beer, get paid well, load out, go to the hotel, repeat. I honestly love those guys no matter what my dumb Twitter post says. They kinda quit out of nowhere. Me and the tour manager thought it was a joke!"