Backstreet Boys Release This Is Us, But Check Out These Under-The-Radar Tracks First

As a way to prepare yourself for the Backstreet Boys’ latest release This Is Us (which hits stores today), we here at MTV News want to help you discover those BSB tracks that you may have forgotten about or that you may not have been obsessed enough to know. Luckily, we were obsessed enough to know them.

And although we approve of their latest single, “Straight Through My Heart,” and its vampire-centric music video (a spiritual sequel to their creepy-crawly clip for “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” we’d like for you to take a few moments and remember their other amazing (and underrated) songs before you hit up your local record store.

(Fortunately for them, “If You Want It to Be Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy)” didn’t make the cut.)

“10,000 Promises”
Okay, so I might be partial because my friend and I may have sung this for a high school talent show. Or, this song may also be truly amazing. About a decade ago, I promised to love and I still do — unlike the girl in this song.

“That’s What She Said”
This song seems to be the kind only Michael Scott could love, but the fact of the matter is Brian Littrell poured his heart out to the thankless woman in this song and in the process made us all love him even more.

“Spanish Eyes”
Finally, someone decided to throw Howie a bone and allow him to write a song as an ode to his Latino roots. And we looked into his Spanish eyes and knew the reason why we were alive.

“The Answer to Our Life”
The one (and maybe only) reason why this song is amazing is because it’s one of the very few times all five BSBers wrote a song together. Now we know why they were never allowed to write songs all on their own like that. (Okay, so maybe you can skip this one. For that matter, skip “Time” as well.)

“Don’t Wanna Lose You Now”
Okay, now we’re back to songs that are truly, epically good. This mid-tempo romp is truly what BSB are all about: Great pop songs about girls. Plus, in high school this song was on loop. It’s so catchy!

It looks like we have some songs to add to our weekly “Backstreet Fridays” here in the MTV Newsroom. Co-workers, you have been warned.

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