Katy Perry Teases 'Huge News' On Twitter

Isn't it bizarre that we've gotten to the point where we get nervous when normally Twitter-heavy celebrities take a bit of time out from sharing their personal lives via the Internet? There was that post-VMA period when Taylor Swift took some time off from tweeting, and Trent Reznor's frequent exits from the service became news every time he stormed off. Recently, Katy Perry took a vacation to Thailand and disappeared for about a week.

She returned to the service last night to praise Thailand, Morrissey and Peter Sellers. Her second tweet, though, is the one should raise a few eyebrows. "I've got a secret. Huge news coming in a couple days!" she wrote. She even preempted the inevitable speculation, adding, "No, my ego is not prego. Next!"

But what could Perry be talking about? A new album? Her next tour? Something else entirely? When MTV News caught up with Perry on the set of the video for 3OH!3's "Starstrukk," she mentioned that she had some big things brewing but couldn't talk about them just yet. When pressed for more details, she remained coy but did say that she would be holding a microphone.


Is Perry going to host another awards show, like she did last year at the MTV Europe Music Awards? Is she getting her own talk show? Did she just buy a microphone factory? Whatever the news is, we can be sure that Perry will drop the knowledge via Twitter and that MTV News will be on top of it.

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