Adam Lambert Inspires $229,000 In Public School Donations

By James Dinh

Adam Lambert has some crazy fans. How crazy? A topless woman rushed at him on stage earlier this year. But beyond those hardcores lie the semi-crazy fans, those are the ones who grouped together in dedication for their favorite “American Idol” runner-up to raise $229,000 for public schools across the country., an online charity organization, announced today the winner of a contest launched by the singer where he urged fans to help out for the greater cause. The competition pitted online Lambert communities against each other in a grueling battle to see who could raise the most donations. The winners will be rewarded for their efforts with a special chat session with the idol.

Over the span of four weeks, 1,956 fans fulfilled requests left by teachers at the charity’s website in efforts to gather donations and supplies for music and art-based projects. The ongoing donations were tracked by a “Lambert Leaderboard” at the charity’s website. Adam frequently checked in on the status of the challenge, and by the time the dust settled, a LiveJournal community called ONTD_AI took the top spot, raising a total of $82,700.

“I am unbelievably moved by the generosity and resolve of my fans, who have donated beyond what I could have ever expected to help students around the country,” said the singer.

Besides helping students remain active in music and art programs across the country, fans will be able to celebrate again when Adam releases his debut album on November 24.

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