Hayley Williams Pimps Her Ride For MTV

Hayley Williams' car is truly amazing, and not just because it's a total junker that your 16-year-old sister would drive for a month before smashing into the mailbox while attempting to back out of the driveway (though, you know, that is a pretty big reason).

No, Williams' car — a six-year-old Mazda affectionately known as Ms. Anne — is amazing because it's a sort of time-capsule of her entire life, both before and after she became the lead singer of a mega-successful pop-punk act who just made one of the year's finest albums, Brand New Eyes.

Inside and out, Williams has plastered Ms. Anne with band stickers, buttons, plastic action figures, homemade art and the occasional inspirational message. It's positively loaded with tchotchkes and trinkets (seriously, it's sort of a T.G.I. Fridays on wheels), each representing a moment or memory from her past, present, or even future.

Case in point: A sticker slapped on her bumper by Michigan punk act the Swellers, who had previously crashed at Williams' house, are now her labelmates on Fueled By Ramen, and, starting next week, will share the stage with Paramore when they kick off their Brand New Eyes tour next week. Past, present and future — all on one strip of vinyl.

But that's just one tiny piece of the (much bigger) picture. Ms.Anne's bumper is a veritable billboard for Williams' musical faves: Sunny Day Real Estate stickers overlap with the No Doubt logo. Boston hardcore act American Nightmare (now known as Give Up The Ghost) receive prominent placement, as does a sticker for Nashville record store Grimey's (where Williams bought her first albums) and, of course, given that Williams' boyfriend in New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert, plenty of NFG logos, too.

Inside, there are plastic army men glued to the dashboard (they're waging a war against some glow-in-the-dark zombies) and home-made pins on the sun visor. The roof is covered in band posters and a drawing Gilbert made of Williams as the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" character Violet Beauregarde (you know, the one that turns into a blueberry). There are messages written by her sister, Erica, and tic-tac-toe games between Williams and Gilbert on the glove box.

Honestly, we've never seen a car like it. Which is why, we decided to let Williams give you a guided tour of Ms. Anne. Trust us, you won't believe your eyes, either.


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