Kris Allen Banters, Deflects And Charms Like A Champ

I’ll admit it: I turn into a giddy schoolgirl whenever “American Idol” winner Kris Allen comes to town. I can’t help it! The dude is just so friggin’ charming. We have a familiarity and banter together that I’ve never had with another artist. (Well, Madonna came close. I kid.)

Our “friendship” has even sparked a silly frivolous rivalry between myself and Entertainment Weekly “Idol” guru Michael Slezak, who also gets especially-chummy interviews with Kris. (If you’ve never read Slezak’s recaps or watched his “Idolatory” video show, you are a sad human being.)

Perhaps Kris thinks he has carte blanche to goof around with me since I amuse him on some snarky level. He did, after all, find my “Idol in 60 Seconds” recap show to be the “funniest thing ever.” And I guess I act like I know him because on a certain level Kris reminds me of my childhood buddies. But let’s be honest: I do not know Kris Allen that well, and he can barely pronounce my last name. Therefore, we are not friends.

So why do our interviews devolve into meandering chit chat and double-entendres all the time?


My line of questioning is certainly at fault. I seem to only ask the questions I know he can’t answer: Album producer info, music video concepts, album title — all things that the “Idol” camps refuse to talk about until the last minute. Yet, like a moth to a flame, or a Cowell to a black v-neck, I keep hitting that well hoping for a drop of water. (Notice how Kris masterfully bounces almost every question back on me! Sly!) So instead of spilling the beans on actual news, Kris shoots the s— with me and we end up with an interview that’s short on substance but long on charm.

Yesterday, we rolled out the news we did get from our brief 4-minute Kris interview at Z-100 (his new single “Live Like We’re Dying” is seriously great) so today we cut together all the “silly” bits that Kris fans seem to enjoy.

But next time, Kris Allen, I’m not going to fall victim to your devilish charms. When your album drops (November 17!) and you’re back in New York to promote the hell out of it, we are going to have an in-depth, legitimate conversation about music. There will not be a muzzle on you anymore. All the info will be out in the open. And we will conduct ourselves like a serious music journalist and a serious musician. Deal?

(Incidentally, November 17 is right around when I’ll be throwing my karaoke birthday party. You need to come, Kris! GAHH! There I go again thinking we’re BFFs. I remain powerless.)

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