Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Video Music Awards And Patrick Swayze: This Week's Deep Cuts

Another week has come to a close in the MTV Newsroom, which was full of stage-crashers, divas, tributes, apologies, untimely deaths, bare-chested werewolves and Kermit the Frog. Just in case you want you missed any of the excitement flying around this particular tube in the series, here are the week's highlights.

» The Video Music Awards aired this past Sunday, which featured Kanye West's stage-crashing attack on Taylor Swift, Janet Jackson's tribute to Michael and some wacky arrivals care of Pink, Swift, Cobra Starship, Lady Gaga and the All-American Rejects. Check out all the behind-the-scenes interviews and insight that MTV News put together to cover the biggest party of the year.

» In the wake of the VMAs, Taylor Swift prepared for her appearance on "The View" with a trip to see Kings of Leon on Long Island.

» Meanwhile, Kanye West spent his time after the VMAs apologizing regularly and profusely. That didn't stop the Internet from dropping Kanye into all manner of famous photos, and then taking some time off before going back to the well.

» What did you get Nick Jonas for his birthday?

» Patrick Swayze passed away, leaving behind an epic musical legacy.

» We thought Kelly Clarkson would be the cream of the crop on "VH1 Divas." And you know what? We were right!

» "Dancing with the Stars" premieres on Monday, but the trash talk has already begun.

» Despite separating her shoulder, Pink kicked off her tour in style with bondage, mirrors and at least one trapeze.

» There's a big UFC event this weekend, and you can bet that Hayley Williams will know the difference between a kimura and a triangle choke.

» Finally, if you're reading this after sundown on Friday (September 18), be sure to celebrate the new year with the most sacred of Kiss tunes.